LIGHTER NOTE: Nikki Bella speaks, first Playboy Mansion for sale, and lingerie picks for plus-sized women

Where we talk to Nikki Bella, pick out lingerie for plus-sized women, cover a butcher controversy, meet a new Mini, tour the first Playboy Mansion, sit on the thinnest airplane seats ever, and find Instagram's silver lining.

Entertainment + Celebs

Nikki Bella talks 'shocking' engagement, mishaps in the ring

Nikki Bella is still reliving one of the happiest days of her life.

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Food + Drink

(beyhan yazar)

Butcher puts nude woman in his display case for 'social experiment'

A butcher in Australia is generating plenty of controversy across social media after literally treating a woman like a piece of meat.

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Cars + Trucks

David Brown Mini Remastered is a resurrected classic

Mini is an iconic brand with a storied history in producing small economy cars beginning in the late 1950s. But, by today's standards, Mini isn't so miniature anymore. And while the brand keeps the Mini Rocketman in limbo, David Brown Automotive has returned with a modern take on the classic economy car. It's simply called the Mini Remastered.

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House + Home

Now you can live in the original Playboy Mansion

A condo at the original Playboy mansion in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood has just returned to the market with a discounted price tag.

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Travel + Outdoors

Which seat do you prefer?

Which seat do you prefer? (iStock)

These super-thin airplane seats would make flying even worse

Someone has finally figured out how to make the thinnest aircraft seats the skies have ever seen. Now the question: Why?

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Fitness + Wellness

Maybe Instagram isn't a total disaster for teens' well-being

Instagram gets a bad rap when it comes to teens’ mental health, and for good reason: Thirsting for “likes” can turn anyone into a monster. Add hormones and low self-confidence to the mix, and you’re looking at disaster.

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Style + Beauty

The five best lingerie brands for plus-size women

In the United States, the average woman wears a size 16 in clothing and a 34DD in bras.

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