Bizarre Oreos

Oreos come in many shapes and sizes and Nabisco Mondelez International, maker of the iconic cookie, has a long tradition of creating new variations. Enjoyed in more than 100 countries, the classic chocolate cookie with the white frosting inside is sometimes eschewed for some surprising local flavors, like blueberry and green tea ice cream.  Here's a round up of the most bizarre.

Recipes in Season


    Tropicante Margarita

    Total Time: 5 minutes servings: 1

    This Patrón Margarita of the Year contender, created by Alex Kady, incorporates avocado, mango and a spicy salt rim for a perfectly balanced tropical escape. To learn more and order a Cocktail...


    Black Tap’s Crazy St. Patrick’s Day Shake

    Total Time: 20 minutes servings: 1

    What could possible be better than a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake on St. Patrick's Day?

    If you love thick, green, frosty drinks, try this outrageous frothy creation topped with Lucky Charms,...

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