LFO band ask for 'prayers and good vibes' after member announces health issue, major surgery

Devin Lima, one of the musicians behind the band LFO, has undergone a major surgery to remove a recently-discovered massive tumor.

The musician appeared on a YouTube video alongside his bandmate, and brother, Brad Fischetti, to announce to fans that a tumor was discovered on the 40-year-old singer’s adrenal gland, which affects his kidneys and heart. In the video, Fischetti notes that the human adrenal gland is supposed to be the size of an acorn, while Lima describes his as “Hulk-sized.”

The video was posted on Wednesday night, announcing a major surgery to remove the tumor on Thursday morning. The duo asked fans for prayers and “positive vibes” as there is a possibility that the surgery could affect his kidney, spleen, part of his colon and more depending on the severity doctors see once inside. Fischetti specifically asked fans to hope that the tumor wasn’t cancer.

While there’s no information about the extent of the surgery or Lima’s recovery, the band’s Twitter page updated fans on how things were going, and the news was positive.

“Just got a call from a nurse in the operating room. She said Devin is under and he was happy-go-lucky as ever. She said he’s doing fine.”

Later in the day the band confirmed that Lima is out of surgery and that it "went well," promising more information soon.

As Extra notes, the band, whose hits include “Summer Girls” and “Girl on TV” lost its lead singer, Rich Cronin, in 2010 after a long battle with leukemia. The group disbanded soon after, but Lima and Fischetti recently reunited for a tour. That tour is currently on hold pending Lima’s recovery diagnosis.