Lee Brice gets personal with new album, spills on what it's like to tour with Luke Bryan

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Country singer Lee Brice just released his third studio album, "I Don’t Dance," and says it reflects where he is in his life right now.

"You learn to be more yourself the further along you grow as an artist and that's the most important thing about this record for me, is that I was able to be true to myself musically and then just who I am as a man, a daddy, and a husband," he told FOX411 Country. "Just where I'm at in my life. So I just wanted to be honest about all of it."

The title track, which has been nominated for a CMA Award for Song of the Year, was a gift for Brice's wife on their wedding day.

"It was a gift to my wife for our first dance and it said, 'Man I didn't know that I was ever going to really get here in my life,' but she brought me here," Brice shared. "She got me there in the way that I never imagined I could be this happy of a person and happy of a man, so I've got a great life right now and it’s all because of her."

Brice has learned a lot about the power of storytelling through songwriting over the years, particularly with his 2012 award-winning ballad "I Drive Your Truck."

"That song was such a blessing to me in my career, and I knew it was going to touch a lot of folks," he said of his hit song. "Every day, all the time still, to this day I hear stories, personal stories, about how they connect with this song 'I Drive Your Truck.' That was amazing in itself, but then I didn’t realize how much even that story of that song was going to impact me personally. It made me appreciate my life and appreciate the blessings that I have around me even more and every night I sing it, it's like a reminder to me."

Brice is on tour right now with his friend and country superstar Luke Bryan.

"Luke's a buddy. We came to town about the same time. So I’ve been rooting for him forever and he’s gotten to be on top of the world lately," he said of his "Roller Coaster"-singing friend. "Playing stadiums, selling them out, and breaking records. So it’s been so cool to be out making music and on the road with your buddy. That’s what we all kind of came up together talking about ,'One day we're going to be on the road together, one day we're going to be on the radio together.' So it's been cool to be out with Luke all year long. He's a selfless man and he just wants it to be fun for the fans, and it has been fun for all of us."

The 33-year-old singer says his latest single "Drinkin' Class" has been a hit at shows.

"I started playing it two years ago when I was out with Brad Paisley just to see what people think and immediately people grasped onto it," he said. "There's a connection with that song and the working class which is a lot of what country music is all about."

Brice broke out his guitar for us in-studio and strummed the first ever acoustic performance of "Drinkin' Class" so click the video above for that and more of our interview.