LeAnn Rimes' Paparazzi Umbrella, Carrie Underwood's Secret for Smoky Eyes, and Much, Much More

Here’s what everybody keeps going on about:

• Earlier this week on Instagram, LeAnn Rimes shared a bikini selfie from underneath some sort of paparazzi-shielding beach umbrella (below), thus ensuring that nobody will make any money off her scantily-clad body. After all, that’s LeAnn’s job, as evidenced by the unabashed way she promotes Beach Bunny Swimwear in the caption.

• There's no denying the appeal of all-things smoky: e.g., smoky chipotle peppers, smoky grilled meats, "Smokey and the Bandit," etc. But perhaps the smokiest and most alluring one of all is Carrie Underwood's smoky golden eye makeup. To find out how she achieves the look, watch our tutorial above.

• According to the New York Daily News, Lindsay Lohan will be completing the rest of her court-ordered community service at the Duffield’s Children’s Center in Brooklyn. She’s reportedly starting on Tuesday, which only gives the parents of those preschoolers mere hours to get their kids OUT of the Duffield Children’s Center in Brooklyn.

• On Monday, Kanye West received an honorary doctorate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for his “genre-defying work.” And although he sounded uncharacteristically humble during his acceptance speech (below), we give it less than a week before he starts requiring people address him as “Dr. West”

• On Monday, lifestyle expert and former reality star Kristin Cavallari revealed she’s expecting her third child with husband Jay Cutler. But we don’t know why we’re even bothering to report, because Cavallari made the announcement via her official Kristin Cavallari iTunes and Android app, so surely you already heard when you checked it moments ago.

• According to Charlize Theron, it was her idea to shave her head for “Mad Max: Fury Road,” and not director George Miller’s. In fact, Theron said Miller was initially “concerned about the shape” of her shaved head, but we assume he got over it when he realized he could just cover her head in an elaborate metallic muzzle like he did with everybody else’s in this thing:

• Shock-rocker Marilyn Manson told i-D magazine that he thinks Madonna “looks hotter than ever,” adding that he would “definitely fornicate” with her if given the chance. So if such a situation should ever come to pass, we’d only recommend they institute a strict no-kissing rule, as their respective  would surely interlock and require the intervention of emergency services.

• It was revealed on Monday that actress Selma Blair will play Kris Jenner in “American Crime Story,” FX’s upcoming true crime series based on the O.J. Simpson trial of 1994. We can only hope Blair will bring as much dignity and gravitas to her portrayal as Krisen Wiig did on “Saturday Night Live.”

• Actress Elizabeth Wilson, who is probably best known for her turn in 1967’s “The Graduate,” died on Saturday at the Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut. She was 94.

• Jenny McCarthy revealed on Instagram that she's gotten two new tattoos reading "Love" and "Donny" inked on her fingers (below) — or at least we think they're new. It's possible that Jenny, like so many New Kids on the Block fans who came of age circa "Hangin' Tough," fell victim to the Donny tattoo epidemic of 1989.

• Speaking of the New Kids, member Jonathan Knight recently suffered a tour bus injury that left half of his face bruised and scraped. He didn't reveal exactly what happened, but does he really have to say it? We all know what's going on here: The Kids are reverting back to their early "fight club" days in Boston.

• And finally, Picasso's "Women of Algiers" sold for $179.4 million on Monday evening, making it the most expensive painting ever sold at auction. Meanwhile, the macaroni painting we made for mom in 1982 remains the most expensive painting never to sell at auction. After all, mom said it was priceless.