Lady Gaga Debuts Military-Themed Video for "Alejandro"

Following Lady Gaga's super-sized "Telephone" video in March, the enigmatic pop star has debuted an eight-minute clip for "Alejandro" that pairs provocative military and religious imagery.

Jail, poison, Beyonce: Lady Gaga debuts her latest brainchild

Male dancers in various states of dress (sometimes full uniform, sometimes just fishnets and skivvies) accompany the diva, who simulates sex with them in a snowy underworld that's part Evita, part Dr. Zhivago. The dreary video is an odd visual match for the song itself, which uncannily recalls the peppy, tropical vibe of Madonna's "La Isla Bonita."

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The tune is not the only "homage" to the Material Girl. In one dance sequence, Gaga wears a black pantsuit that recalls Madonna's "Express Yourself" get-up. Gaga puts a finer point on Madonna's cone bra by attaching guns to her black leather version. Throw in a few close-ups of rosary beads and Gaga in a red-and white nun's habit, which, well, come on, we've see all that somewhere before.

Watch the video and weigh in on Gaga's mini-movie.

(Warning: The following video contains, well, just about everything not suitable for children)

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