Kimmel snubs Matt Damon during Kavanaugh recap

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony last Thursday to clear his name of sexual assault allegations has provided fodder for late night television.

But during a segment of Monday’s “Kimmel Live” on ABC, while host Jimmy Kimmel riffed on Kavanaugh and President Donald Trump, he went back to another familiar target: Matt Damon. On Saturday, Damon portrayed the embattled Supreme Court nominee in a parody sketch of Thursday’s testimony for the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live.”

The sketch amounted to an embellishment of Kavanaugh’s alleged excessive drinking while in high school and college. In the sketch Damon joked, “I’m a keg half full kind of guy.”

While recapping the Kavanaugh saga Monday, Kimmel interjected a not-so-subtle snub at the Hollywood actor.

“Kavanaugh’s testimony rubbed a lot of people the wrong way,” Kimmel said. “In fact, he was so unlikeable, Saturday Night Live had no choice but to cast the most repugnant actor in the world to play him over the weekend. What a surprise that Matt Damon would have no other plans on a Saturday.”

Kimmel and Damon have been maintaining a tongue-in-cheek feud for more than a decade, according to Time.