Kathy Griffin unloads on Billy Bush and Anderson Cooper in new interview

Kathy Griffin is hoping to parlay her recent negative press into a career revival on her new tour. As a result, she’s not been shy about discussing the turmoil she’s undergone from fellow celebrities in the public eye such as Billy Bush and Anderson Cooper.

The star appeared on Tuesday’s episode of “The Howard Stern Show” to unload on the situation that stemmed from her decision to pose for a controversial photo holding a fake severed head of Donald Trump.

“I was detained at every single passport,” she said of traveling for her tour.

When the famed host asked her if she got any celebrity support from people who she didn’t want the support of, the star quickly turned her attention to Billy Bush. Bush was infamously caught on a hot mic with Trump in which he talked about grabbing women by the genitals.

“You know what, I didn’t want to be put in the same basket as Billy Bush. You know what I mean? When people would say, ‘Oh, you’ll bounce back.’ And I’m like, I never encouraged a future president to grab someone by the p---- and said ‘score one for the Donald.’”

The star revealed that Bush sent her a note during the height of her public backlash, which she says she read on stage for laughs.

“Oh, it’s heaven,” she said. “It’s accidentally funny.”

Griffin also discussed her relationship with Anderson Cooper. After CNN ended its working relationship with her, she later revealed that she no longer considers the anchor a friend.

“I was in love with him as a friend. Like, I loved him as a friend,” she told Stern. “It was closer I’d say, in the first five years. And then, I think he’s the type of guy who’s into shiny objects. So later on, he wasn’t as into it.”

As previously reported, Griffin recently told the Associated Press that she’s hoping to make audiences on her upcoming tour laugh with her about the Trump photo and the ensuing scandal.