Katherine Heigl talks her return to TV and Seth Rogen drama

Katherine Heigl told FOX411 she wishes her former co-star Seth Rogen nothing but “goodness,” responding to comments he made about the actress’ controversial statements back in 2008 about their film “Knocked Up.”

Rogen was recently asked about Heigl saying years ago that she thought the film was “a little bit sexist.”

“I think he has handled that so beautifully. I just feel nothing but love and respect,” she said. “It’s long ago at this point. I just wish him so much goodness, and I felt that from him too.”

Heigl is promoting her newest role as a defense attorney in CBS’ new series “Doubt.” She told FOX411 she wasn't looking for a new gig after “State of Affairs” ended in 2015, but she took this one because she fell in love with her character, Sadie Ellis.

“I was more focused on being home in Utah with my family, and ‘State of Affairs’ was such an extraordinary experience, and I didn't want to rush in and find something else to replace it with. I kind of wanted to grieve it a little bit,” she said. “But then this…I wasn't thinking I would say yes and then I was like ‘oh that’s a really good character.’”

Heigl isn’t a producer this time around.

“I actually loved being a producer [for ‘State of Affairs’]. It was so fun for me. It was so engaging in a total different way. I’m really trying to get them [CBS] to let me be one.”

She told reporters that promoting a new show is scary.

"It's always kind of thrilling," she said. "It's also terrifying and stressful… scary. I'm trying to focus on how much fun it's been."

“Doubt” also stars Steven Pasquale and Laverne Cox. It will premiere on CBS this fall.