Kate Upton: 'It's OK not to love yourself every second of every day'

This may be the third time Kate Upton is gracing the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover, but she’s now has a new approach to her sizzling spread.

“This year, I had a completely different mindset about my body and instead of always trying to fit in a certain sample size, I wanted to be strong and healthy,” explained the 24-year-old cover girl to Sports Illustrated, as reported by US Weekly.


“Changing my workout and focusing on weight training helped me do that. It helped me think about my body as a machine and less of something people can judge me on. People feel ashamed when they look bad one day, but it’s OK not to love yourself every second of every day. Appreciate what your body can do.”

Her trainer Ben Bruno said Upton worked hard to get her body in shape.

“She worked so hard and did it the smart and healthy way, both in the gym and with her diet,” he wrote on Instagram Wednesday. “You might be surprised to know that she can push well over 500 pounds on the sled, deadlift close to 200 pounds, and hip thrust over 200 pounds. I’m very proud of her hard work and hope it can be inspiring to women who are hesitant to embrace strength training.”


US Weekly also revealed that this year’s Swimsuit Issue features women of all sizes at every age with its Swimsuits For All campaign, which is fronted by plus-size model Ashley Graham, who was last year’s Rookie.

“Those are the campaigns I want to do and the career I want to have — to inspire women to love themselves,” said Upton. “That’s a balance of working hard and eating healthy but also enjoying life and having cheat days and for the emphasis not to be on the ideal perfect body. It makes me proud to be asked back.”