Kate Moss attacks photographer at Paris Fashion Week party

Now that’s the Kate Moss we know and love!

The 41-year-old supermodel was out partying with pal Lady Gaga late Friday night when their Paris Fashion Week revel turned trés violent — when Moss lunged at a photographer.

A disheveled Moss, accompanied by Gaga and the singer’s staff, was headed back into the posh Club Haussmann when shutterbugs outside began snapping away.

Moss was just steps away from the entrance when, in a flash, she spun on her heels, furrowed her brow and attacked one photographer. She caught a fistful of his coat sleeve and went to swing at the man before Gaga’s entourage intervened.

A bodyguard and a ­female staff member grabbed Moss’ arms and pried her off the stunned lensman. Even Gaga lost her poker face during the scrap, throwing a hand to her mouth in shock as a large crew of security surrounded her.

Police showed up later to make sure no one had been injured. In 2010, photographers practically mauled Moss and her daughter, Lila, as they exited Los Angeles International Airport, helping spur a law aimed at reining in paparazzi.

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