Justin Bieber reveals he is 'done with tats' after Banksy tattoo controversy

Justin Bieber revealed on Tuesday that he’s hanging up his tattoo needles for the time being, and that could be a very good thing.

The tween icon turned wannabe badass shared a photo on Instagram of latest ink, displaying a full sleeve of tattoos and writing “Done with tats 4 a while... Where I wanna be..”

The announcement comes shortly after the Bieber came under fire for a tattoo he got that was made to look exactly like one of street artist Banksy’s famous works.

Users took to Banksy’s verified Facebook page, where the artist called Bieber’s move “controversial,” to slam the pop star, saying he violated the graffiti pro’s copyright on his work, but did he really?

Publications Director for the National Trial Lawyers Association Larry Bodine explained that while the tat may have irked Banksy fans, Biebs doesn’t run the risk of being sued by the anonymous artist.

“The Biebs is in the clear legally with his Banksy tattoo,” Bodine told FOX411. “Based on current law, some tattoos could infringe on copyrights. Generally speaking, the copyright holder must prove the copied work has a negative effect on the artwork's value or potential market… But Bieber is less likely to be considered infringing, since his display of the work is usually not for profit and in most cases would not affect the work's value or market.”

Still, Bieber definitely didn’t find favor with Banksy’s loyal fans. One suggested the Biebs’ arm be “Amputate[d] under copyright laws,” while others simply slammed the quality of Bieber’s copycat work, saying their tattoo artists had done a much better job of emulating Banksy's grafitti.

But quality hasn’t seemed to be a concern for the pop star lately when he’s opted to get inked. He recently dared to get a tattoo while flying 40,000 feet above ground on a plane from Panama to Canada. The star got the word “forgive” inked near his belly button by tattoo artist Bang Bang.

The artist recently spoke to the New York Daily News about the risky move revealing, “It was really difficult. The plane was shaking, so it’s like trying to do a tattoo while you’re driving over rocks …”

Like we said, maybe it’s best that Bieber is “done with tats” for now.