Justin Bieber gets taken down in post-basketball brawl

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Justin Bieber got more than he bargained for in a brawl after Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Cleveland.

In the 13-second video taken on a smart phone by a bystander and posted by TMZ, Bieber pushes an unidentified man in the chest, is shoved backwards, throws a punch at the individual, then is quickly taken down by his adversary as a handful of people try to break up the fight.

According to The Sun, Bieber's alleged punching partner is a man named Lamont Richmond, who posted a now deleted video on Facebook telling his side of the story.

"For all you people talking crap he started with me I was just walking with my girlfriend both of them," Richmond wrote alongside the video. "They asked the little guy can they take a picture with him he said hell no get out his face so I said what the hell wrong with you. Then he threw a punch and you see from the video what I had to do."

The video of the fight was taken through a window looking into the lobby of the hotel where Bieber was staying.

Witnesses told Fox8 that the incident lasted only a few seconds and no police were called.