Joanna Krupa starts petition to force Kardashians to stop selling fur in Dash stores

'Dancing With the Stars' stand-out and animal activist Joanna Krupa and model Katie Cleary are aiming an anti-fur campaign straight at the biggest reality TV family ever: the Kardashians.

The stunners have started an online petition asking people to lend their signatures to an effort to have the Kardashians remove all fur fashions from their store, Dash. At press time, the petition had gathered almost 1,400 online signatures toward its goal of 10,000.

Krupa, who has starred in PETA's famous "I'd rather go naked than wear fur," talked to about the crusade to make the Kardashians' fur free, and why she and Cleary are focussing on the three famous sisters.

Fox411: Why are you petitioning the Kardashians specifically?

Joanna Krupa: Because I am fed up with them always wearing fur while being fully aware that many girls view them as a fashion inspiration, and even role models. Being a star comes with not just fame and fortune, but with awareness and responsibility. What angers me the most is that Khloe did an anti-fur PETA campaig,n so you would think if she was so against fur, she wouldn't allow it to be sold in their stores. Plus she would talk some sense into her sisters and never put it on. It actually saddens me that one now has to question the genuine motivation behind Khloe's PETA campaign.

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Fox411: Dash isn't that big a store - why not target a bigger fur retailer?

Krupa: We are going after the Kardashians as personalities and trend setters, not just their store, because they are seen wearing fur all the time.

Fox411: Have you ever mentioned this to them personally?

Krupa: I have sent tweets to Kim in the past. But they just seem to not care about the poor animals and the tragedy they got through while being skinned alive and bleeding to death.

Fox411: Have you heard anything from them since you started your petition?

Krupa: No not yet.

Fox411: What would happen if you saw one of them on a red carpet wearing fur?

Krupa: I would rather not see it, as I would not be able to keep myself from starting an argument with them.