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PETA Pushes Buttons

New 'sex talk' ad by the animal activist group stirs controversy

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  1. Lady Gaga: Pinhead or Patriot?

    Pinheads & Patriots: 9/10

  2. 'Payback Is Hell'

    New PETA billboard shows shark eating a person to promote vegan diets

  3. Bugging Out

    How many insects inhabit the planet?

  4. Unhappy Meal

    PETA defends controversial campaign against McDonald's

  5. Larry Birkhead to Sell Playmate Estate

    Anna Nicole Smith's former lover and father of her child will auction off her estate

  6. Anna Nicole Items for Auction

    Larry Birkhead selling model's memorabilia

  7. This Stinks

    Farmers furious at report feds considering taxing gassy cows, hogs

  8. Second Chance

    Michael Vick returns to NFL after being signed by Philadelphia Eagles

  9. FOX News Flash: FOX & Friends Edition


  1. Political Grapevine: 1/9

    Where was the current head of the Democratic Party when his successor was introduced?

  2. PETA Shocker

    Latest ad features 'Dancing' star nude with crucifix

  3. 'Save the Whales'

    PETA campaign targets overweight meat eaters

  4. Cold Chicken

    Greg Gutfeld responds to PETA's new stunt to protest KFC

  5. Greg-alogue: 12/23

    PETA stunts mask corrupt bedrock of animal rights

  6. Effective Ad?

    Alan gets involved in a heated debate between social advocate Christine O'Donnell and Melissa Karpel of PETA over a recent ad the group put out on teen pregnancy

  7. PETA vs. Punxsutawney Phil

    PEATA thinks groundhog should be replaced by a robot