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Dancing With The Stars

Lips & Ears: 12/05

'Dancing With the Stars' winner Brooke Burke separates fact from fiction on behind-the-scenes scuttlebutt

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  1. Olympic Gold Medalist Doing Good

    Evan Lysacek dishes on his ice skating career and his recent charitable work

  2. No 'Cleopatra' for Cameron

    Director James Cameron tells Fox411 he's passed on directing the highly-anticipated flick in favor of 'Avatar' sequels

  3. Teacher Accuses Hispanic Students of Hating America

    Substitute's shocking claim sparks outrage in Arizona

  4. Wednesday's Halftime Report

    Tensions between Greg and Andy escalate

  5. Christine O'Donnell Enters No Spin Zone

    Does Tea Party favorite have any regrets about her campaign?

  6. After the Show Show: Jealousy in the Lucci Household?

    Soap opera star's husband on on-screen kisses

  7. Always a 'Star' in Palin's Book

    Former governor in L.A. to cheer on daughter Bristol on 'Dancing With the Stars'

  8. Dennis Miller's Advice for Obama

    Funnyman's words of wisdom for president ahead of MTV town hall

  9. Did the Stars Come Out to Vote?

    In the weeks leading up to election day, celebs were urging their fans to vote, but we found that they didn't all practice what they preached

  10. Rush: You're Either With Obama and Dems or With America

    Radio talk show icon blasts Democrats' hypocrisy and attacks on Christine O'Donnell, Sarah Palin

  11. Oh No They Didn’t : Naughty Celebrities

    Check out which stars get a slap on the wrist this week for bad behavior

  12. From the Gridiron to the Dance Floor

    NFL great Kurt Warner takes on perhaps his greatest challenge - 'Dancing With the Stars'

  1. Chuck Liddell is Center Stage

    Fox Fight Game, Round 1: Chuck Liddell is bringing the UFC and MMA into households everywhere through 'Dancing With the Stars' and 'The Simpsons'

  2. After the Show Show: Cheryl Burke

    What has dancer learned from her celebrity partners?

  3. Bristol: More Than a 'Dancing' Queen

    Palin's daughter on her upcoming speech at a Right to Life banquet and surviving another week on 'Dancing With the Stars'

  4. Sterger Gets Movie Role

    Favre's alleged sext object in new Mischa Barton movie

  5. Special Report Online Show: 10/13

    Freezing foreclosures: knee-jerk reaction?

  6. Ferraro, Palin Break Down Early Returns

    Former vice presidential nominees on midterm elections, treatment of women candidates

  7. Geraldine Ferraro's Last Interview

    Midterm Elections November 3rd, 2010

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