Jessica Alba says quitting acting to focus on her business is 'tempting'

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Jessica Alba seems to be finding that working for her home- and baby-product business, the Honest Company, is more fulfilling than acting.

In a recent interview with Hello! Fashion Monthly, the “Sin City” actress revealed she has considered retiring from show business to solely focus on her billion-dollar company.

“It’s tempting to leave acting completely and focus on my company. It’s definitely more fulfilling. And when I put my time into it, I feel like I’m doing something that’s productive and there’s a real outcome,” Alba told the magazine. “With entertainment, I feel like you’re just throwing stuff against the wall and you don’t know if anyone’s going to see it.”

The Honest Company, which made $150 million in revenue last year and might go public on the stock exchange, sells eco-friendly, non-toxic baby and home products.

The 33-year-old mother-of-two said she was a “hot mess” during her 20s, but with time she has changed to a more “who cares” attitude that she lives now.

“My idea of how I need to look has completely changed,” she told HFM. "I used to listen to stylists and make-up artists and hairdressers that I didn’t know that well, and they would just doll me up how they wanted to, and I would look crazy. Basically anything before I was 24, I looked crazy – just wrong. There are lots of photos of me out there looking like a hot mess!”

Having her daughters, Honor, 6, and Haven, 3, with husband Cash Warren also changed her outlook about her body.

“I don’t care about [weight] as much after having kids. I’m bigger than I was before, and I’m totally fine with it," she said. "I embrace how I look in a different way."

She added, "I don’t feel any pressure to stay in shape for anyone else. When I was younger, I used to do the ‘body builder’ diet, which is awful. Everything is steamed, and it’s just a handful of everything. I hated my life – it was so miserable! Having some sort of balance and moderation is key."

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