Ireland Baldwin's Pantsless Pics and Dempsey Marks' Three Energizing Yoga Poses

Here's what everybody's been gabbing about:

Apparently, bottomless is the new topless, because as far as we can tell, Ireland Baldwin is wearing nothing but a bikini top in an Instagram photo (below) posted Tuesday afternoon. So mark that down in your notebooks, everybody. Topless is so passé.

Falling asleep at work? We know just what you need: a quick yoga pick-me-up. Watch the video above to see how yoga pro Dempsey Marks gets the energy flowing with three simple poses.

Katy Perry earned the most nominations of any artist at the upcoming MTV EMAs (European Music Awards), proving beyond a doubt that America's most popular export is inoffensive pop stars in ridiculous clothes.

On Friday of last week, actress Eva Mendes gave birth to her and Ryan Gosling's impossibly handsome (probably) daughter. This is the pair's first child together, but it's actually their second if you count the fictional one they emotionally damaged in "The Place Beyond the Pines."

Despite abandoning the "Bourne" franchise after three movies (and letting Jeremy Renner take the lead in the fourth), Matt Damon is reportedly returning to the series for its fifth installment. You can go ahead and sweep your DVDs of "The Bourne Legacy" under a rug now, and never think of them again.

If you've been wondering what Katie Holmes is doing these days, she's been seen in a see-through dress at the DuJour magazine party in New York. And if you've been wondering what her bra looks like these days, it's black and completely visible:

After receiving a low, low score, Olympian Lolo Jones was the first contestant sent packing on this year's season of "Dancing With the Stars." And that first part isn't a joke; she really got a terrible score.

Following a marathon of "Parks and Recreation" reruns, actress Diane Keaton announced on Twitter that she's "fallen in love with Amy Poehler." And it only took about a decade after the rest of us realized the same thing.

Supermodel Cara Delevingne has landed a lead role in the film adaptation of "Paper Towns," a popular young adult novel. And seeing as Cara can emote more in just one of her extremely bushy eyebrows than the entire cast of "Twilight," she should probably do alright.

Jenny McCarthy told ABC News she lost her wedding ring after only two weeks of marriage, claiming that she last left it on a room service tray while she and new husband Donnie Wahlberg got intimate. So this is why Jenny McCarthy can't have nice things.

A popular NYC restaurant called The Meatball Shop has inspired a new CBS comedy about two guys starting a meatball restaurant, probably because some exec at CBS thought "The Meatball Shop" kinda sounded like "The Meatball Show." And hey! Look! Here's one of those two guys now, making his meatballs:

<p>Taylor Swift brought her cat for a walk in New York City on Tuesday afternoon, and because her pets are above petty restraints like carriers or leashes, Taylor <a href="" target="_blank">cradled it in the crook of her arm</a> like one would a furry, indifferent football. </p><p><strong></strong></p><p>And finally, despite already having a more-than-stellar résumé of accomplishments to help him pick up chicks, Leonardo DiCaprio was named <a href="" target="_blank">an official United Nations Messenger of Peace</a> on Tuesday.</p>