Holly Marie Combs: 'Charmed' reboot rumors are not true

Sometimes rumors are just rumors.

"Charmed" star Holly Marie Combs took to Instagram to shut down rumors of a reboot of her hit WB show.

"I'm sorry to say that all the reboot rumors are just that....rumors," Combs wrote on Instagram.

She also shared a throwback picture from her "Charmed" days with former co-stars Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan.

"But here's #tbt to our wood nymph days," Combs wrote. "In our defense it was really hot so we wanted to wear the least amount of clothes possible. Really hot. That's my story and still sticking to it."

Many fans commented on Combs' picture that they were "crushed" by new news.

"Bummed there is no reboot," one fan wrote while another added, "So sad ! Charmed represent all my childhood."

One person asked, "f not a reboot, then could we have a spin off?"