Harrison Ford becomes real-life hero at the scene of a traffic accident

Harrison Ford is living up to the heroism of some of his fan-favorite characters like Indiana Jones, Han Solo and more. On Sunday, the star reportedly helped a woman who crashed her car on a California highway.

According to TMZ, which first reported the story, Ford was driving in Santa Paula, on Route 126, when a woman lost control of her vehicle and ran off the road into a small embankment. Ford was reportedly traveling behind her and immediately pulled over to lend assistance.

He and a handful of bystanders rushed to the woman’s assistance, TMZ reported, and they managed to get her safely out of her car and keep the situation calm until paramedics arrived in the scene. The woman was reportedly taken to the emergency room with only minor injuries.

It seems Ford has trouble staying out of life-threatening situations, just like some of his silver screen characters. Previously, he’s been the victim of a handful of plane and helicopter crashes, most notably in 2015, when the flight enthusiast suffered some serious injuries after engine trouble forced him to do an emergency landing on a golf course near the airport.

More recently, he found himself directing traffic in New York City after, as Entertainment Tonight reported, cars started to get backed up exiting Manhattan's Midtown tunnel.