Hannah Davis' Birthday Suit, Ashton Kutcher's Mother's Day Surprise, and Much, Much More

Here's everything on our radar:

• In honor of Hannah Davis' 25th birthday on Tuesday, the editor of the Swimsuit Issue shared a topless photo of Davis from her most recent SI photoshoot (below). We're sure Davis would've appreciated some cake or something too, but sure, this is a nice gesture too.

• Speaking of Davis, we recently had the chance to ask Hannah herself about her controversial Sports Illustrated cover (), and also about the moment she found out she landed the coveted spot. Watch our exclusive interview above to hear (and see) more.

• Just a few months after his split with supermodel Suki Waterhouse, "American Sniper" actor Bradley Cooper was spotted making out with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Irina Shayk at a Met Gala afterparty, possibly because he's taking the Leonardo DiCaprio route of burying himself in beautiful women to compensate for all the Oscars he's not winning.

• For Mother's Day, Ashton Kutcher surprised his mom by renovating and remodeling the entire bottom floor of her Iowa home, complete with all-new furniture and a fireplace. But don't worry, because your mom will totally love the Olive Garden coupons you bought her. (When you're there, you're family!)

• Rumor has it that Disney is planning a "Star Wars" spinoff based on the origins of Boba Fett, the foremost bad-boy bounty hunter of the "Star Wars" universe. However, Disney still appears to have absolutely zero interest in developing a C-3P0 origin film that would finally explain that ridiculous, implausible British accent.

• During a red-carpet interview at Monday's Met Gala, Rihanna mentioned that it took designer Geo Pei an impressive two years to make her humongous yellow gown and cape. But even more impressively, it took just about 0.47 seconds for the entirety of the internet to decide she looked like a scrambled egg.

• In a paparazzo video obtained by TMZ, Justin Bieber can be seen yelling "Selena [Gomez] looked gorgeous at the Met Ball!" right before speeding away from the event in a large SUV, which has to be the second most passive display of affection we can think of, right after two third-graders pulling each other's hair on the playground and running away giggling.

• Ellen Albertini Dow, the actress you've no doubt seen play a feisty old lady in one movie or another, died on Monday at the age of 101. Here's hoping she passed much more peacefully than her one-time character on "Seinfeld," who went turbulently into that good night whilst screaming out George Costanza's secret ATM code:

• Kendall and Kylie Jenner have reportedly filed applications to trademark their names — as well as the phrases "Kendall & Kylie" and "Kendall and Kylie" — for use on all sorts of commercial products. But reports don't indicate whether they've tried to trademark "Kylie and Kendall," so now there's nothing stopping us from pursuing our shady new business venture: Kylie and Kendall's "Jenner-ously" Portioned Frozen Lasagna-for-One.

• Earlier this week, Irish rock band U2 played a surprise mini-concert, in disguise, on a subway platform underneath Grand Central Terminal. The stunt was reportedly being filmed for an upcoming segment on "The Tonight Show," but it also served as a nice excuse for Bono to show off his new majestic cowboy hat:

• As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Sela Ward will be playing the President of the United States in the upcoming "Independence Day" sequel. We can only hope her stance on forceful alien invasions is as staunch as that of her predecessor's.

• And finally, in one of the most awkward game-show moments in recent memory, a wheelchair-bound contestant won a treadmill on Tuesday's episode of "The Price is Right" (below). Hopefully she wasn't slighted by the prize, but instead took solace in the fact that the show's announcer once