'Gotham' star Victoria Cartagena gushes about 'Batman' prequel: 'I've seen them all'

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Victoria Cartagena loves Batman.

She grew up watching the old films of the Caped Crusader, devouring the comics and even spent many weeks doing chores around the house to raise enough money to buy a knock-off TV shirt with the iconic bat symbol.

“I’ve seen them all,” the actress told Fox News Latino, adding that she loved that there was a character Vicki Vale in the comics. “Everyone knows Batman.”

Cartagena now has the opportunity to live out her childhood fantasy in Fox’s new – and without a doubt one of the most highly anticipated – TV show “Gotham,” which premieres Sept. 22 at 8 p.m.

The show follows the story of Det. James Gordon, played by “The O.C.” alum Ben McKenzie, right after the murder of young Bruce Wayne’s parents. The city is at war, and Penguin, The Riddler, Catwoman, Poison Ivy are still lying dormant in their everyday personas.

We are introduced to Fish Mooney, a new character created for the show.

“You see there is a power struggle – Gotham at its worse,” Cartagena said. “It’s an origin story where you are going to be introduced to the villains that we know and love.”

Cartagena, though, is on the good side. She plays Det. Renee Montoya of Gotham’s major crime unit – a personal and professional thorn in the side of leading man Gordon.

“She is a character of the DC Comics and she has a past with Barbara Kean, who is engaged to Jim Gordon,” Cartagena told Fox News Latino. “(In the show) you start to see who she is, her work life.”

Viewers will get a taste of Montoya’s personal relationship with Barbara, played by Erin Richards, in the pilot episode and how it will or can affect Gordon.

“Erin and I came up with what we thought happened – what was the last time we saw each other,” Cartagena said, not giving anything away.

She said viewers will get hooked even if not a Batman fans, because the show is more than just that.

“It has a little bit for everyone. Romance. Drama,” she said. “Please watch. You won’t be disappointed.”

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