'Gold Rush' star Todd Hoffman says fame is fleeting, 'family is forever'

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Discovery found gold all right, and not "up in them thar hills." Instead the cable channel has struck it rich with "Gold Rush," Discovery's most watched series, bar none.

"Gold Rush" returns for Season 3 on October 26, and while the show may focus on gold mining in the Yukon, its the father and son team of Jack and Todd Hoffman, who have risked it all in the hopes of finding financial stability for their family, that has more and more viewers tuning in.

The Hoffmans sat down with FOX411 to talk about becoming celebrities, the unbreakable bond of family, and whether or not they have hit the mother lode.

“When people set out to be a celebrity, they’re probably messed already," son Todd explained. "We just went gold mining and were hoping to pay our fuel."

But father Jack said he doesn't mind the attention one bit, especially from the ladies.

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“They (ladies) would like to have me for a grandfather of father but I love them all. I want to share a good life with them,” he joked (we think).

Kidding aside, while the Hoffman men are focused on gold mining, family is their upmost priority. Todd attributes his work ethic and family dedication to his father.

“If you have your priorities straight and you know that your family’s first, then comes gold, money, whatever you call fame …all that bull crap," he said. "This stuff – being here on TV, that crap will come and go. Your family is forever.”

Jack agrees.

“I really care about my family. I really love people," he said. "I like to turn loose and let them do their thing.”

And this family’s “thing” is of course finding gold. According to Todd, last season they made roughly $150,000 mining.  For the third season, the Hoffmans' goal is to mine 1,000 ounces in gold, worth about $1.6 million at current prices. Jack would not reveal if they had the Midas touch or not, but he surely had his detractors.

“I’ve been taking a lot of criticism about it. That’s a major step from $150,000," he said. "What you’re going to find out this season is do we make it or do we fail? Are we going to mine next year or are we done? This is our third mining season; this is our make or break season.”

One can only hope they succeeded, because Todd has gold on the brain.

“It (gold) has a value worldwide; that gets in your blood," he said.

"Gold Rush" premieres Friday, October 26th at 7:30PM ET/PT.