'Glee' star Naya Rivera spills show's real-life feuds and scandals

The fascinating revelations just keep coming from former "Glee" star Naya Rivera’s forthcoming tell-all memoir.

While the high school-set show presented an air of love, tolerance and unity during its six seasons — a world where any drama or disagreement could be solved with a musical performance — behind the scenes, tensions mounted as the young cast struggled to deal with the pressures of fame.

Rivera has already revealed that she had an abortion during her time as cheerleader Santana Lopez on the hit show. Now, newly-leaked excerpts from her forthcoming autobiography "Sorry, Not Sorry" shed new light on the sometimes fraught atmosphere on set.

Lea Michele was...a bit of a handful

Rivera details encounters with a difficult actress on the show, and while she doesn’t name Lea Michele, a fan who received an early copy of the book reveals that it’s not hard to tell who she’s talking about when she references “one particular Glee star” who “amped up her bitch factor." Rivera claims that one day on set, she snapped at a producer because she’d shown up to film a dinner scene while “Lea was pulling a diva fit about everything” and locking herself in her trailer.The producer in question “was just chilling on a diner stool” while Michele threw her tantrum, and told Rivera he knew what he was doing “I’ve been doing this job for six years,” he yelled at her, to which she replied: “yeah, badly." Rivera says Michele was written out of the next episode as a result of the feud.

She dated Mark Salling in secret

Salling — who earlier this year was charged with possessing child pornography — dated Rivera on and off for three years. However, their relationship was kept quiet as Salling’s publicist wanted the star to appear single and available to fans. Rivera alleges that Salling, who played bad boy Puck on the show, was using drugs regularly during their relationship, and refutes reports that she once keyed his car during a fight — rather, that she threw “sludge” on it.

Cory Monteith's death was devastating

Rivera and Monteith had a very close, brother-and-sister-esque relationship. She says that it was devastating receiving news of his death via drug overdose in a late-night phone call, but that she had to believe it was part of God’s plan.

The episode of the show dealing with Monteith’s death and farewelling his character was intensely emotional, and Rivera was chosen to have a leading role in the episode as she was more able to keep her emotions in check to get through filming than some of the other actors.

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