'Game of Thrones' star Sophie Turner denies using the N-word in viral video

Sophie Turner is doing damage control following a video that was posted on Instagram that appeared to show the “Game of Thrones” actress using the N-word.

Turner is shown in the video at the gym with Joe Jonas and fitness pro Brendan Fallis. When the camera pans to Turner she is heard saying, “What’s up [expletive]?”

Some fans who viewed the video jumped on social media to slam the starlet for using the N-word, as that is what it sounded like in the short clip.

But she insists that’s not what she uttered.

“I used the word ‘motherf--kers’ in a recent video posted in an Instagram story and not a hateful racial slur that has been suggested,” she said in a statement sent to Page Six. “I am incredibly upset that anyone would think otherwise, and I want to make it clear that I would never use such an abhorrent word.”

[Warning: The clip contains explicit language]

Turner and Jonas are dating. They have been snapped spending plenty of time together since late 2016.