From Brian Williams to Bill Cosby: The Biggest losers of 2015

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Some stars saw their professional lives take some serious hits in 2015. Who had the worst year of them all? Here’s our list of the biggest losers of 2015.

Brian Williams
In February, “NBC Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams was suspended for six months without pay for misrepresenting events surrounding his coverage of the Iraq War. It was later discovered that there had been other inaccuracies in Williams’ reporting over the years, and he was permanently replaced on “Nightly News” by Lester Holt. In June, Williams was given a new – much less prominent – role at MSNBC to cover breaking news and special events.

Josh Duggar
Josh Duggar had such a bad year, he made two of our 2015 roundup lists. Duggar is named on our list of sex scandals, and he is also a top loser of 2015. Duggar lost his hit TLC show, “19 Kids and Counting,” and his job. He was shipped off to rehab in 2015 after it was revealed in that he had molested four of his sisters when he was a teen and cheated on his wife.

Quentin Tarantino
Scores of people and police groups called for a boycott of Quentin Tarantino’s films after the director took part in an anti-police protest and stated to the crowd, "I'm a human being with a conscience. And if you believe there's murder going on then you need to rise up and stand up against it. I'm here to say I'm on the side of the murdered." The "Hateful Eight" has since refused to apologize though he did tell “The View” panelists “I’m not anti-police. I’m not a cop hater.”

The View
Speaking of “The View,” the show came under fire in September after Joy Behar and Michelle Collins made negative comments about nurses. Several days later, the hosts apologized on the air, but nonetheless advertisers, like Johnson & Johnson, dropped the show as viewers called for its cancellation. Overall, the talk show had a rough year with other notable controversies, such as when host Raven Symone claimed she wouldn’t hire a job applicant with a “ghetto” name. Symone later apologized on Facebook. The show also struggled to hang on to its co-hosts this year. Rosie O’Donnell and Rosie Perez rapidly left the show in 2015.

Bill Cosby
Comedian Bill Cosby’s fall from grace began in 2014, but 2015 was also a terrible year for the once celebrated actor as well. In January, Cosby was mocked by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler at the Golden Globes. Then, in July, a transcript of a 2005 deposition was released, in which Cosby admitted to giving women quaaludes in order to have sex with them. That same month, New York Magazine released a cover with 35 women who have accused the comedian of sexual assault. The inside pages of the magazine detailed each of their stories. Additionally, more than 20 women came forward in 2015 to claim Cosby had acted inappropriately with them by either drugging them or sexually assaulting them or both. More than six schools also stripped the actor of his honorary degrees in 2015. The actor was also sued by seven women for defamation and he filed a countersuit for defamation in December, blasting his accusers for ruining his reputation.

That's a bad year.