Fox411's Dr. Oscar Gives Best and Worst Moments, Explains His Mistakes

The 82nd Academy Awards are now history. I gave you my predictions. You saw most of them come true.

You know what happens next. I go into hibernation for about nine months, until the next Oscar season gets underway.

But before I go into the foxhole (or Fox News hole, I should say,) allow me to recap some of this year’s highlights.



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BEST MOMENT: Barbra Streisand opening the envelope and saying “the time has come,” announcing Kathryn Bigelow as best director. We knew that it was going to happen, but we didn’t how it would feel. Turns out that it felt euphoric. Bigelow was genuinely moved, and the audience was thrilled. History was made. We saw it happen.

BEST SPEECH: Sandra Bullock, after winning best actress for “The Blind Side.” No phony, pre-written speech. She spoke from the heart, without losing her self-deprecating sense of humor. She praised her talented co-nominees, including her “lover” Meryl Streep. (Remember their kiss?)

MOST DESERVING: Jeff Bridges, best actor for “Crazy Heart.” No disrespect to the other winners. It’s just that Bridges was both incredible in the film and incredibly overdue. After a string of losses which began almost 40 years ago, he had probably given up hopes of an Oscar. But not us…and definitely not Hollywood.



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BIGGEST SURPRISE: “Precious” beating out “Up in the Air” for best adapted screenplay. “Up in the Air” had won both the Writers Guild and Golden Globe trophies. With expected losses in every other category, this was the one place I was sure the Academy would throw the Clooney film a bone. They must have found “Precious” even more precious than I thought.

BEST DRESSED: I don’t think that it was the best fashion year, by any means. I’ll go with Kate Winslet, who made silver look even better than gold. Too bad she didn’t wear that BAFTA dress to the Oscars. (Check it out and you’ll know what I mean.)



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BEST PRESENTER: Tom Hanks, presenting the Oscar for best picture. He didn’t even read the nominees. He just walked out, opened the envelope and read the name. It was late. We were tired. Thank you, Tom.

MOST GRACIOUS LOSER: Did you see James Cameron’s reaction when his ex-wife Bigelow won best director? He seemed so excited that she won.

WORST JOKE: Ummm…maybe all of them? Steve and Alec – what happened??? You can do better than that!!! Didn’t you read my “Best Jokes That You Won’t Hear at the Oscars” piece right here? Check it out…and remember to call me the next time you do the show. (Which may not be for a while.)

PREDICTION FOR NEXT YEAR: I, Dr. Oscar, will be back with more Academy Award predictions, jokes and live webchats. I’m like the Meryl Streep of Oscar web pundits. I’m there every year, even though I usually go home empty handed.