FNM Exclusive: 'Walking Dead' Actor Tom Payne Doesn't Think He'd Last Too Long Against a Horde of Zombies

Tom Payne's character on "The Walking Dead" has proven himself to be a valuable, bad-ass member of the still-living community thanks to his knack for picking locks, brokering peace, and bashing zombies with blunt objects.

But as for Tom Payne himself? Well, he's not as confident his bashing abilities would measure up to Jesus'.

"I think Jesus is a very caring individual with a lot of empathy," Payne tells FNM of his character on the hit AMC series. "Having said that, he's a bit of a loner," adds Payne. "He's very comfortable with his own company, and very comfortable being outside the walls of the Hilltop and roaming around on his own."

But wandering through the zombified landscape of Georgia isn't for everybody — and — so while Payne hopes he'd come out of it OK, he gave FNM a very honest answer when asked how long he'd survive in a living-dead situation.

"I dunno, not too long," Payne laughs. "I think I'd be hiding away."

"It's funny," he says. "There have been moments in my life where, like, an earthquake has happened or something, and I've kind of surprised myself … so I'd like to think that I can be resourceful and work it out, but I don't know. I don't know how it would end up, because it's all to do with how you interact with the other people in that world, as well."

Speaking of interacting with other people, Payne also tells us he's known his "Walking Dead" co-star Andrew Lincoln from back in his early days — and even worked with Lincoln back in their hometown several years (and probably several beards) ago!

Watch the clip above to find out about Payne and Lincoln's strange connection, then tune in to see Payne unleash his fury all over the undead on new episodes of "The Walking Dead."