FNM Exclusive: Thompson Square's Surprising Approach to Touring With a Newborn Baby

As anyone with a baby can tell you, it's hard enough to find a moment during the day to think straight, let alone sleep. That's why it's so incredibly bonkers to hear that Thompson Square managed to tour the country with their newborn bundle of joy.

The country duo welcomed a baby boy named Cooper earlier this year, but as Keifer and Shawna Thompson tell Fox News Magazine, the little guy hasn't slowed down their touring schedule in the slightest.

"I tell ya, I feel kinda guilty saying that, because I think everyone wants to go, 'It's terrible right?' And it's not. He's really made it pretty easy," says Keifer of touring with little Cooper in tow. "I mean, he's been flying since he was four or five weeks old, and of course we were flying when she was pregnant, so I think he's kinda acclimated to that."

"He's an awesome little kid," adds Keifer. "He travels well."

We know, it sounds too good to be true. In fact, we wouldn't have believed Keifer if we hadn't seen it for ourselves on the band's Instagram page, or in their music video for "You Make It Look So Good" (above), which features clips of mom, dad and baby on the road.

"It's always been really important for us to be authentic, and to show our authentic selves," explains Shawna of the sweet video. "What better way to show that [than] letting the fans inside and seeing our family, and how excited we are to have Cooper and have him out on the road with us? We just wanted to share that love."

Keifer and Shawna have another (slightly selfish) reason for bringing Cooper along on tour, too. "He's actually been like a huge stress reliever for me," says Mom. "He'll smile, or he'll do something, and it'll just make you forget about what you were stressing about."

"He's like a squeeze ball," adds Dad. "It's like, 'Lemme hold him! Lemme hold him! Lemme hold him!' And it all goes away."

Learn more about Thompson Square's life on the road in the video above, and be sure to download the new single "You Make It Look So Good."