FNM Exclusive: Shanina Shaik's Workout Regimen For Victoria's Secret is Really Paying Off

It takes hard work to stay in supermodel shape, but Shania Shaik is certainly up to the challenge.

In a recent interview with FNM, the Australian model detailed her disciplined exercise regimen, which (apparently) has been expanding since booking her first runway show with Victoria's Secret.

"I admit, the first time I was super nervous … being in your lingerie, and having millions of people watching," says Shaik, who can soon be seen in the brand's 2015 fashion show airing on December 8th. "But what I love about it — it's just so much fun."

"It's really great vibes," adds Shaik. "All the girls are great. It's like a party kinda-thing backstage. It's super busy, but I just have lots of fun with it, and [with] being myself."

But like we mentioned earlier, it's not all fun and games for a Victoria's Secret bombshell. Between shows and shoots, you can usually expect to find Shanina and her fellow models in the gym.

"I consistently work out throughout the year," reveals Shaik. "It's my job, but I feel great at the same time … I do boxing, cycling, I do Pilates, and I've even started yoga now. So I think it's really great to mix up your workout, so you don't get bored with the same consistent gym work."

Watch the video above for more from Shanina — including her favorite part of working with VS — then scope out some of her recent gym pics and backstage shots below: