FNM Exclusive: Scotty McCreery's Childhood Halloween Costume Was Absolute Genius

Scotty McCreery is already a talented singer, songwriter and author, but as far as we're concerned, he's leaving one impressive accomplishment off his resume: He was also a Halloween costume wunderkind.

McCreery, who released his new memoir "Go Big or Go Home" a few months back, recently sat down with Fox News Magazine to discuss his journey into the spotlight — but we also found out there were lots of great costumes along the way.

"What inspired me to write this book was really just the life that I've lived, and the people that I've met, the places I've been," McCreery tells FNM. "It's a crazy world, and I'm living in it. It's been a fun time."

For McCreery, though, it probably doesn't get much more fun than Halloween, a holiday he's wholeheartedly embraced in recent years. Like the time he dressed as Al Borland from "Home Improvement" …

… or when he performed for SiriusXM as a pirate …

… or the year he took the stage in Nashville as Nigel St. Hubbins of Spinal Tap:

The point is, McCreery's has always taken his Halloween costumes seriously, even as an 8-year-old in a miniature Elvis jumpsuit. His whole Elvis act was genius, too!

"Elvis was a guy that I grew up loving on and listening to from 5 years old on," says McCreery, "so when I was a kid, I dressed up like him for Halloween. And I'd go up to the doors and I'd say, you know, 'Trick or Treat, give me some candy' or whatever, and if they gave me some candy, I'd look at 'em and curl my lips and just say, 'Thank you. Thank you very much.'"

"I don't think they were expecting that from a little 8-year-old kid, but hey, it's all good."

For more from Scotty McCreery, including his craziest story about a fan, watch the rest of his exclusive interview with FNM above.