FNM Exclusive: 'Ladies of London' Socialite Annabelle Neilson Says 'I've Been to Enough Cocktail Parties'

"Professional socialite" sounds like a fun job, but it's not always as glamorous as you might think. Take it from Annabelle Neilson, the famous English socialite who currently stars on Bravo's "Ladies of London."

As Neilson tells FNM in the exclusive interview above, she now sees herself as filling a very different role in the drama-soaked second season of "Ladies."

"I suppose I'm kind of the voice of reason in some places," she says, adding that she sometimes remains reticent in order to and distance herself from the "tears, arguments, fighting and making up" that viewers can expect in coming episodes.

But "Ladies of London" fans shouldn't worry, because Annabelle is still a stylish staple of the London party circuit. It's just that nowadays, she's just a lot choosier about where and when she parties.

"I am not somebody who turns up to the opening of an envelope," Neilson tells us. "Because if I did, I would literally be out every night, and I'd probably have to go to about three or four events every night."

Instead, Annabelle says she much prefers to support friends at their personal events, especially because she's busy with so many other projects.

"Most of us have to do our jobs … That means focusing on what's important rather than what's pretty much not important, in the sense of going to a cocktail party. I've been to enough cocktail parties in my life."

For more from Annabelle, be sure to watch our entire interview above. Then tune in for new episodes of Bravo's "Ladies of London," Monday nights at 10 p.m. EST.