FNM Exclusive: GUESS Girl Emma Stern Has a Very Unique Problem for Someone in the Modeling Industry

Despite the fact that she never really envisioned a career in the modeling industry, Danish beauty Emma Stern is doing quite well for herself in the modeling industry.

"I never saw myself as a model," Stern tells Fox News Magazine in an exclusive interview. "It was so far away from me."

Luckily for Stern, her future wasn't as far away as she thought. Stern was discovered (i.e., scouted on the streets of Copenhagen) right after graduating from high school, and since then, she's appeared in campaigns for Diesel, Triumph and GUESS.

"I tried it, and then I got my eyes open to what it all was about," Stern says. "I got into it."

These days, Stern says she loves her new gig (and all the friends and coworkers she encouters on her travels), but she admits she's still not entirely at ease in front of the cameras.

"To be honest, I work as a model but I can get so shy and uncomfortable," says Stern, while flashing a stunning smile that immediately betrays her very next statement: "I chose the wrong job, I imagine."

Watch the rest of our interview with Stern to hear about her biggest fears and favorite GUESS Girl, then check out some of her latest campaigns and modeling shots below: