FNM Exclusive: Dustin Lynch Has a Message for Reba McEntire, His Life-Long Country Crush

Dustin Lynch's crush on Reba McEntire is no secret: He's previously said he'd like to take her on a dinner date, and even sent her roses before the 2014 American Country Countdown Awards.

As far as we're aware, though, the "Seein' Red" singer has never really gone into detail about his "life-long crush" before his exclusive video interview with FNM, above.

"Reba McEntire has always been somebody I've had a crush on, ever since I was a little guy," Lynch tells us. "She's been around ever since I've been alive and doing this, and still is killing it."

Allow Lynch to explain (i.e. gush) about Reba a bit further: "She's a great performer, a great artist, a great singer, a great actress, she's got a clothing line, she can even cook pretty good. So I'm sold," Lynch says, before aiming a quick "What's up, Reba?" at his idol.

We also suspect Lynch's obsession crush has something to do with the fact that he and Reba share the same type of small-town upbringing, a theme he explored on his 2014 song "She Wants a Cowboy."

"'She Wants a Cowboy' was actually inspired by me walking the streets of New York City," Lynch says. "I just kinda soaked in what I was experiencing that day, and I was thinking, 'Man, I wonder if any of these ladies have ever experienced life where I grew up?' You know? Just the simple life, and if they'd be into a country guy like me."

Lucky for Lynch, there's an easy way to find out if those ladies would be into "a country guy" lke himself: He could take a cue from his bandmates and hop on Tinder — the mobile dating app that, surprisingly, he tells us he's also taken inspiration from!

Watch the rest of Lynch's interview above for more about his most unusual sources of inspiration, then give "She Wants a Cowboy" a listen below.