FNM Exclusive: Carmen Electra on the Evolution of the 'Baywatch' Swimsuits

It's been over 25 years since "Baywatch" debuted on TV, but Carmen Electra has a pretty good theory as to why the series is still a worldwide hit.

"I think people are still fascinated about 'Baywatch' because, honestly, probably the women," Electra laughs in an exclusive interview with Fox News Magazine.

Electra, who joined the hit show in 1997 as lifeguard/aspiring dancer Lani McKenzie, is also pretty sure those iconic red swimsuits have a little something to do with the show's lasting popularity: "Y'know … the sexy one-piece that started off as a basic [swimsuit], and then ended up a g-string after a while?"

"To this day, if I go to Europe or someplace, it's still on regular TV," adds Electra. "And I think it's really cool that they're doing a movie about 'Baywatch.' I think it's a huge compliment."

Electra, however, has more on her mind than just the new "Baywatch" film adaptation. After coming off her first season as the host of Electra says she's going back to the studio to record some new music. Plus, she even launched her very own perfume just last year.

So what's next for this ex "Baywatch" babe? Watch the clip above to find out about her next endeavor, then to see her sizzling looks through the years.