FNM Exclusive: Bang Bang Says These Three Celebs Are Good Enough to Be Professional Tattoo Artists

It takes a special type of person to sit still while a tattoo artist tears into his/her skin with a needle, but it takes a crazy person to sit still while an amateur tattoo artist does it.

Bang Bang falls into that latter category.

As one of the top tattooists to the stars, Bang Bang has had the honor of inking such celebrities as Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne, and Miley Cyrus, just to name a few. But like we mentioned earlier, he doesn't just give the tattoos — he lets his famous clients tattoo him right back.

"I let celebrities tattoo me often," says Bang Bang, who recently released his first book, "My Life in Ink." "I think the most talented one was probably Chris Brown, because he's an artist by nature … and he really jumped right in, and had no hesistation."

But Brown isn't the only celeb who has potential: According to Bang Bang, Adele gave him a "perfect" tattoo (she inked the number 21 into his leg) and Kylie Jenner had a very "steady hand" when she put a small red crown on his arm back in 2015 (above).

"There have been a few [celebs] that did a really great job," Bang Bang tells us. "I would hire them!"

Watch the rest of Bang Bang's exclusive interview above for more — including his fond memories of tattooing Justin Bieber — then keeps scrolling to see more celebrities inking up his epidermis.: