'Florida Man': Film cedes the floor to liquor store parking lot philosophers

Google the words "Florida Man" and you're bound to be greeted with strange news headlines, from a Florida man claiming his cat downloaded child porn, to a Florida man burning house after his niece refuses to go on beer run, to a Florida man pleasuring himself with stuffed horse at Walmart.

Now filmmaker Sean Dunne is attempting bring a voice to this strange segment of boozy, strung out South and Central Florida guys with his new documentary "Florida Man." The film, currently streaming for free, focuses mainly on the rough and tumble lives of local liquor store parking lot regulars.

“We’d see someone interesting and its really about just approaching them as a human being and telling them we don’t have much of an agenda we just want to capture stories," Dunne told FOX411.

“There is a lot of deep seated inherent anger in some of these places…what you’re seeing with some of the anger these guys are exuding is just the manifestation of living in a police state," he explained. "We heard a lot of the stuff that shocked us like about people’s violent behaviors and criminal pasts but the thing that was most concerning and shocking was everyone’s criminal pasts for seemingly innocuous things."

The filmmaker said small infractions often unfairly sent his subjects down a criminal path.

"Part of the film is the commentary of that," he continued. “I feel like my whole path is to give a voice to a voiceless people and wisdom from unexpected places. A lot of these people are disenfranchised they are pushed to the fringes for one reason or another, and I find them to be fascinating, and their stories relevant."

Dunne also documented the devastating effects of the OxyContin epidemic of Oceana, a small town in West Virginia, in his award winning “Oxyana” in 2013.

"I see these people as relatable," he added. "And I see the issues we are all going through as a society.”