Exclusive: Alan Thicke of 'Unusually Thicke' Clarifies Those Comments About Having Sex to His Son's Music

Alan Thicke might be best known for playing the funny, loving father on "Growing Pains," but more recently, he's become known for one hilariously honest revelation about his personal life.

Yes, we're talking about that time he and his wife Tanya admitted to getting "freaky" to his son's (Robin Thicke's) music.

Alan Thicke's honesty shouldn't really come as any surprise, though. After watching the first few seasons of his family's reality sitcom, "Unusually Thicke," it's pretty clear that Thicke doesn't shy away from sharing awkward anecdotes or tackling taboo topics.

"The first couple of seasons were [about] establishing who the family was, and how we related to each other," Thicke tells us in an exclusive interview before the show's third-season premiere on Pop TV. "And now, we're dealing with stories ripped from the headlines … real-life experiences that we're all having," which include topics such as same-sex dating, social-media backlash and even medical marijuana. ("I do the first cannabis commercials," he tells us. "'Pot spots,' they're called.")

In fact, the more you come to understand the Thicke family dynamic on "Unusually Thicke," the less controversial those "freaky" statements start to seem.

"Actually, it was Tanya who made that reference, kind of as a joke," explains Thicke of their risque revelation. "And then Robin [Thicke], as a joke back, said 'Please, dad, I don't want to think about what you do to my music."

"Yeah, but it's true," he finally clarifies. "Ordinarily, most parents would think if you're being intimate and you hear your son's voice, time to lock the door. No! My son's voice is just part of the fun!"

In all fairness, though, Robin Thicke really knows how to write a sexy song:

Watch the rest of our segment with Alan Thicke above, then be sure to tune in for the season premiere of "Unusually Thicke," airing Wednesday at 8/7c on Pop TV.