'Empire' star Jussie Smollett talks drama, new music and guest stars

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Jussie Smollett plays Jamal Lyon on FOX’s hit series "Empire" and as season 2 picks back up March 30th he tells FOX411 there's a theme; "It’s really about the family, it’s about getting back to fixing what is so broken."

Audiences have seen Smollett’s character Jamal, an openly gay musician, go through a lot in his personal relationships from a dramatic break up with his partner to recently a short lived romance with Alicia Keys' character Skye Summers. While Smollett was hesitant to give too much away about what’s next he says, “Jamal is an onion, you know what I’m saying, which is very layered. So he’s coming to terms. Jamal’s not, I’m 32 but he’s still in his 20s trying to figure things out, so he knows who he is, very much so. But, as far as relationships go, there’s going to be some good stuff coming up for Jamal.” Of course he adds, “I don’t want to say anything because I really don’t want to be written out for season 3.”

He says he's grateful to be on a show that goes beyond entertainment, “I’m so blessed and so lucky to be able to do that in a show like ‘Empire’ because I’ve never fully had that opportunity to do really something that, it’s entertaining, it’s fun, it’s glamorous and glitzy and soapy and all of that, it’s sexy and all that stuff. But it’s about something. At its core it’s about family, it’s about acceptance, it’s about respect, and that’s all. It’s awesome to be a part of something like this.”

Smollett was an indie music artist before Empire and now fans can expect his album with Columbia Records soon.

"There’s not a lot of time and I need to take my time with that. But it’s coming for sure.”

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