'Duck Dynasty' returns with Season 5 premiere

Quack, quack-- They’re coming back.

It’s the “Duck Dynasty” episode that everyone’s been waiting for: the Season 5 premiere.

The Robertson family returns to A&E tonight with all-new episodes of their mega-hit “Duck Dynasty.” But let’s be honest, they never really left.

The network has been airing constant re-runs of the reality show, and even though star Phil Robertson was suspended from the series for nine days, he will appear in the episodes for the upcoming season along with the rest of his tight-knit family.

It will likely be business as usual down in Louisiana, despite the controversy that plagued the family as 2013 came to a close.

After GQ published graphic negative comments patriarch Phil Robertson made about homosexual sex, scores of people called for A&E to can the star, while others demanded “Duck Dynasty” remain on the air with the whole family no matter what. And remain on the air it did.

So now tonight, the head of the family will appear on the Season 5 premiere, and lots of curious eyes will likely tune in to see how the family of duck call creators will go on from here.

Sure, there will be those that boycott the show—after all, they swore they wouldn’t tune in as soon as they read the cringe-worthy things that papa Phil had to say—but it’s likely some (maybe even most) of those viewers wouldn’t have been glued to Season 5 premiere anyway.

Either way, the once scandal-free show now has an air of drama to it, and if shows like the “Real Housewives” and “Keeping up with the Kardashians” are any indication, drama usually brings in the viewers.