'Duck Dynasty' recap: Robertsons kick off Season 5, introduce new family members

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The Robertsons are back with a bang for the new season of their hit show, and the A&E stars stuck to what they know best: family values and their country-living roots.

Following several controversies over comments Phil made about homosexuality last month, the patriarch and the rest of his brood seemed to pick up right where they left off last season but with a few new additions to the family.

Fans were introduced to Willie and Korie’s daughter, Rebecca, an exchange student they adopted 10 years ago. The 24-year-old spent the past two years in LA interning in the fashion industry but flew back to visit her family.

In true "Dynasty" fashion, Willie and son John Luke left to pick Rebecca up at the airport in full duck hunting gear. The fashion-forward Robertson couldn’t help but give her bearded father a quick makeover.

Perhaps it was the skinny jeans that Rebecca gifted him, but Willie wanted to make sure that his daughter wasn’t going to move back home indefinitely.

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“She’s gonna end up like Jep, isn’t she,” he wined as Korie and his sister-in-laws enlisted the guys help in decorating Rebecca’s welcome home party.

“Robertson men seem to have selective memories,” Jep’s wife Jessica complained when the men avoided doing their part for the party. “They really could be deaf from all that duck hunting they've done.”

“If you're discussing the decorations, I guarantee you that was a bad party,” Jase explained his reasoning for not wanting to help set up the décor for the party. “If you want to make a party work…all the Roberstons need is about 30 to 40 pounds of meat stewing in a vat.”

One unhappy Robertson was Phil who was stuck with his sick brother Si, who was staying at Phil's while Miss Kay took care of him.

The two brothers fought over everything from Si’s stinky sneakers from childhood to what movie to watch, "Airbud" or one of the "Bourne" films.

Despite the bickering, Willie reminded everyone to put family first.

“Whether you're trying to pave the way for your kids success or you contracted the bird flu,” he said. “The good news in the Robertson family: Someone will always be there to help with open arms and unconditional love.”

But the peace didn’t last for too long. Willie hired wife Korie’s cousin John David as an assistant at the warehouse and caused tension between the Duck Commander employees.

“I’ve been at Duck Commander for 30 years,” said Jase. “An outsider can't just barge in here and start ordering my team. You've got to earn our respect.”

“Willie doesn't need any help around the office,” he continued. “I'm not even real sure what he does.”

“If you don’t have an assistant you should really get one,” Willie told Jase. “What redneck doesn’t want a butler?”

“Well, me,” responded Jase who then challenged Willie’s mini-me assistant to prove if he had what it takes to be a Duck Commander employee.

“There’s only one sure-fire way to test the merit of an employee,” said Jase. “This separates the men from the boys. Do you know how to operate a duck call?”

Although Willie’s assistant failed to make a proper mallard sound, Jase eventually accepted his coworker after John David gave him a new basketball.

“Family is one of the most important things in life,” said Miss Kay. “And the Robertsons always look out for one another.”

It seems the Robertsons have a whole lot of faith, family and ducks in store for Season 5.