Dozens of 'Star Wars' secrets leaked online

Sketches from the upcoming “Star Wars: Episode VII” have been leaked, reports Entertainment Weekly. An Imageshack account called “themillenniumfalcom” posted 32 drawings from the eagerly anticipated film.

[SPOILER ALERT: Image descriptions below may contain spoilers] 

The images reveal that even though Darth Vader is dead he will be figured prominently in the J.J. Abrams flick. The concept art shows a scary cyborg clad in a black cloak holding Anakin Skywalker’s helmet.

Other images provide these revelations:

-A character called Silver Trooper is described as a “knight.” It’s not clear if it’s a singular character or an army.

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-Chewbacca is shown with a mechanical right paw which suggest he may have suffered an amputation. A note attached reads, “Bionic arm from war wound.”

-Many images in the purloined collection are of an air base based on Greenham Common, a former U.S. military base where nuclear weapons were stored during the Cold War. The sketches call the base Massassi Hangar.

-It’s apparent from the drawings that newcomer Daisy Ridley’s character will be a major character and there are several versions of a character called Montross, who seems to be an older man and may have a mechanical eye and a robotic arm and leg.

-It seems like life on a desert planet that looks a lot like Tatooine has continued despite the war between the Rebels and the Empire.

-A toppled AT-AT now serves as a makeshift hideaway, and it’s apparent from the crash-site of a TIE fighter that the battle continues.

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