The programmers at Bolivia’s Unitel television network may well have been left saying “D'oh!” when hundreds of Bolivians took to the streets to protest that the channel had pulled "The Simpsons" from its nightly programming.

Many of them dressed in Bart and Homer masks, nearly 2,000 Bolivians marched on the capital – much as Apu, Millhouse, Sideshow Bob and the rest of the "Springfield Angry Mob" has done repeatedly in the history of the show – to demand the return of the the beloved American cartoon.

Local media reported that the demonstration was the first time ever that there has been a mass protest by viewers who opposed a change in the television schedule.

And ... fans got what they wanted.

Unitel not only put "The Simpsons" back on the air, it increased its programming from 45 minutes a night to a full two hours so that Bolivians from Cochabamba to La Paz to Santa Cruz can get their fill of the crazy antics of Springfield’s first family.

Now creators of the show – who’ve taken the family to London and New York and Brazil – might want to have the Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie head to Evo Morales’ country. Maybe Bumblebee Man can act as their translator.

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