Dinesh D'Souza: Hollywood and the media want to make Trump 'illegitimate'

Dinesh D’Souza, the filmmaker behind “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party," said he isn't surprised that Hollywood is griping about Donald Trump's presidency.

“I’m not surprised Hollywood is acting the way they do, but I am pleasantly surprised Trump is acting the way he is,” he said, praising the President's decision to "hit back" at the media.

D’Souza said he thinks Trump's battle with Hollywood is far from finished. 

“I think what we will see in the next year or two is a massive effort to make Trump illegitimate. The left hates Trump much more than they hated Nixon, and they got their way with Nixon … They are unleashing unmitigated fury against Trump because they know if Trump [stays in office] it's very bad news for them.”

D’Souza said the media and Hollywood are both against President Trump.

“One reason the media hates Trumps tweeting is that they want to be the sole filter of information that gets to people,” he said. “So these Hollywood people act as if they own the culture for the most part because they do, and they have the arrogance that goes with that.”

D’Souza praised Trump for fighting back.

“So we think, for example, of poor President Bush who was lambasted by Hollywood and the media and just sort of stood helpless and invertebrate while they battered him. Trump doesn’t do that. I think that is a very important aspect of Trump that is emerging early. He is a cultural warrior, not just a political warrior.”

“Hillary’s America” has just been nominated for five Razzie Awards — spotlighting the worst films of the year — but to D’Souza, it’s an honor.

“I think it is intended to be a kind of swipe at me, but it has the opposite effect, I am actually quite honored and amused,” he said. “Unlike a lot of the conservatives [in Hollywood] ... most of them are beholden to Hollywood. They work as screenwriters or actors, producers. So for Hollywood to attack them is harmful because it makes it difficult for them to get work. This is why a lot of them live in anonymity. I am not beholden to Hollywood at all. I am outside of that world, there is nothing they can do to me.”

The Razzie Awards take place on February 25th.