Did Courtney Robertson give away the 'Bachelor' finale?

Fans of "The Bachelor" are furious enough with the behavior of antagonistic finalist Courtney Robertson—but imagine if the bad girl wins it all?

Brace yourself. She just might.

A flood of reports have been bombarding the Internet and the tabloids recently, claiming that Robertson most definitely takes home the rock and the rose on Monday night's finale.

There are spoilers throughout every season of “The Bachelor,” but they are typically not unified in their predictions and are often proved incorrect (Popular online reality TV finale spoiler Reality Steve was wrong about who was chosen by former contestants Ali Fedotowsky and Brad Womack).

This season’s reports, however, are in lockstep saying Robertson beat out fan favorite and southern belle, Lindzi Cox. Gossip website Star-Spin claims, “as far as we know right now, Courtney and Ben are engaged.”

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    A plethora of reports are also saying that Robertson breaks Ben Flajnik’s heart just as quickly as she steals it. On March 6, HollywoodLife.com revealed that its source, Christy Whitman, co-author of New York Times bestseller, Taming Your Alpha Bitch, told them that the model is no longer engaged to Ben.

    “Courtney slipped on [the] ‘Tell All’ episode by saying, ‘I cared for him’ and then tried to cover up by quickly adding, ‘I still do.’’ Whitman told the website. “She gave it away that she is no longer with Ben.”

    Whitman’s co-author, Rebecca Grado thinks “Ben chooses her in the end because he sees the softness, almost childlike way in which she acts with him. She is vulnerable and open, and that’s what’s attractive. He has yet to see the ‘bitchy’ side of Courtney, and my guess is that when this is revealed to him, he will not stick around.”

    Reality Steve concurs.

    “There’s zero suspense left. Ben is engaged to Courtney, he gave her the ring, he re-proposed, she said yes, and they were in a safehouse in L.A. from Sunday night through yesterday getting their groove on,” he wrote on his site Thursday.

    The blogger added that the duo had a photo shoot with People magazine on March 5, and the magazine will be running a cover story on the couple next week.

    Regardless of who gets a ring on Monday's finale, contestant Emily O’Brien put it well on “The Women Tell All” when she said to roaring applause: “At the end of the day, Ben has to be the one who lives with his choice. He has made his bed, he can lie in it.”

    An ABC rep declined to comment.