Portia DeGeneres could be the first celebrity to dance with a same-sex partner on "Dancing With the Stars."

The hit competition series is "planning to feature a same-sex couple. You're at the top of the list,"Ryan Seacrest told Portia (who changed her last name from de Rossi to DeGeneres) on his radio show yesterday.

The proclamation seemed to surprise DeGeneres, who is married to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. "Goodness, you really do break news," she said.

Rather than flat out pooh-pooh the notion, DeGeneres said, "I'm not gonna pass, let me think about it. I used to be a ballet dancer. It's not completely a pass. You never know."

While ABC does not comment on casting rumors, the network is said to be keeping an eye on how the same-sex couple fares on Israel's "Dancing With the Stars," before deciding whether to go ahead with its own same-sex pairing here in the US.

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Last week, Gili Shem Tov, an openly gay TV sportscaster, and Dorit Milman, a heterosexual professional dancer, became the first same-sex dance duo to ever appear on any of the 30 adaptations of the series airing around the world.

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