'Dancing With the Stars' recap: Lisa Vanderpump sent back to Bravo

"Dancing with the Stars'" Best Years Of Your Life Week ends with a bad night for one couple. Did Victor and Lisa survive? Does Lisa even want to continue? Find out below!

Well, Lisa's on set, so she's already off to a better start. As for where she was yesterday before her dance, she was in her trailer "vomiting," according to Gleb. How does he know this? Did she tell him? Did he witness it? (Gross.) So many questions!

First four safe couples:
Aly and Mark
Zendaya and Val
Kellie and Derek
Ingo and Kym

This is the most they've ever saved off the bat, yes? But you know what that means: lots of filler, including an uber-lame one about Bruno's "head writer." Fire whoever wrote that one ASAP.

Aly and Mark get the encore. I can't argue with that, though I wish Andy and Sharna got it, if only to see if Carrie Ann would cry again. This would be easier to take had Andy and Sharna gotten an encore for their Alice in Wonderland craziness two weeks ago (dumb Twitter voting!). Speaking of that, Val and Karina win the Twitter pro vote to perform tonight, which is hilarious given her and Maks' less-than-amicable history (and this ain't even the half of it). Also, this makes two straight weeks of Zendaya and Val, and Jacoby and Karina winning the Twitter vote (three straight for the former when you count their encore.) Spread the wealth, Twitterverse!

Next two safe couples:
Jacoby and Karina
Sean and Peta

Tom: "When we come back, Brad Paisley with his latest hit. Live!" Unfortunately, it's not this. Probably for the best since LL Cool J's busy investigating some Navy lieutenant's death right now.

Break out the Kleenex! Derek dances with Brilynn Rakes, a 17-year-old dancer who's legally blind. She has nystagmus, aka "dancing eyes" (how apt), which means that her eyeballs shake uncontrollably and she can't see more than 5 feet in front of her. Suffice it to say, I can't do any of this with 20/20 vision.

After Andrea Bocelli and Jennifer Lopez perform, the final four couples hit the stage.

Next safe couple:
D.L. and Cheryl

Oh, great. Leave the three new pros in jeopardy. Because you didn't already do that on the first results show. Andy and Sharna are safe, which means Victor and Lindsay, and Lisa and Gleb are the in the bottom two. Just like two weeks ago! Dorothy's not around to save either of you this time!

And the couple going home is... Lisa and Gleb. No reaction from Giggy.

"Just to be included with this group of people ... I am really happy," she says. "It's been six long weeks and, boy, has it taken a toll. I was given a gift dancing with [Gleb]. I just want to thank my castmates. They made it so much fun."

Just as well. Lisa's a fun personality, but she was way too self-conscious in her dancing, and Victor has slightly more potential. Go back to Bravo and get well.

Next week: Celebs have to dance side-by-side with pros, including Chelsie, Tristan and, yes, Maks.

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