'CSI: Cyber' stars discuss show's timely debut

Newly minted Oscar winner Patricia Arquette and Shad Moss (better known by his stage name Bow Wow) from "CSI: Cyber" stopped by the ET set to discuss their new CBS show.

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Arquette debuted her cyber-psychologist character last year on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," and the response from viewers was enough to garner a new "CSI" spinoff centered on cyber crime -- a subject that is especially timely following the Sony hack.

"It's not just our phones," Arquette said of cyber safety. "It's the way whole corporations work with emails, our whole banking systems, airplanes have Wi-Fi, cars have Wi-Fi, coffee makers. You're going to pick up some tips [from 'CSI: Cyber'] along the way about how to be a little more careful."

Since being on the show, Moss says he keeps his phone facedown so as not to be captured on camera even when he's not Facetiming.

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    "Right now your phones are at risk if they're synced up to Wi-Fi," Moss said.

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    Along with her cell phone and personal records, Arquette has been sure to keep her Oscar in a safe place as well. Last month the "Boyhood" star won the Academy Award for best supporting actress, and she told ET she's been keeping the statuette close.

    "The first night I tried to sleep with it in bed with me," Arquette said. "It's really hard and not a great cuddler, so then I put it next to the bed. It's been moving around our house."

    Arquette used her acceptance speech to speak out for women -- especially single moms -- facing discrimination in the workplace. She reasserted her stance on the ET stage.

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    "There's tens of millions of families with single mothers who are living at 100 to 200 percent below the poverty level and these are not women that are on welfare," Arquette told ET. "These are working women. How different would there life be if they're making an extra 40 to 60 cents to the dollar. We can't do this to our kids anymore."

    "CSI: Cyber" airs Wednesdays on CBS.