Courtney Stodden sells rights to sex tape ... for charity?

Courtney Stodden said she was initially resistant to signing off on the distribution of a sex tape Vivid Entertainment said it had obtained.

The former teen bride even sent a legal letter to the President of Vivid Entertainment Steven Hirsch claiming she would take legal action should the tape be distributed without her permission.

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"I want my tape back and Mr. Hirsch needs to respond to my attorney's demand letter to return it to me immediately,” Stodden said in a statement to FOX411 last Thursday. “My private video's not for sale. I don't need the million dollars.”

However, over the weekend the reality star had a change of heart and signed away rights to her tape.

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    The catch? Stodden said she would give away 100 percent of the tape's proceeds to a charity of her choice.

    The 20 year old told TMZ she was leaning towards an animal rights group or children with cancer.

    It's an intriguing twist from a woman who fought for weeks to halt the tape from going public but

    Celebrity sex tape broker Kevin Blatt told FOX411 last week that Stodden's sex tape had been a done deal with Vivid for a while, and that her denials were intended to drum up publicity.