'Country Buck$' return: Busbice brothers bringing family entertainment back for season two

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The "Buck$" are back.

The Busbice family turned their loving-but-crazy family antics and business-savvy techniques into a recipe for reality show success.

The Louisiana-based clan run Wildgame Innovations, a multimillion dollar hunting gear business that includes celebrity clients like Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean.

Matt and Ryan Busbice talked to FOX411 about how they're putting the family back into entertainment with the return of their hit A&E show.

FOX411: What can we expect to see in season two?
Matt Busbice: I really loved the fact that I got to go on spring break and enjoy the beach with a camera crew following me around. I have trouble with the ladies and the cameras help. I also enjoyed a day…where we allowed…anybody in the hunting and fishing community to come pitch us products so we could see what was out there and get the latest and greatest innovative ideas. It was like a redneck pitch-fest and you wouldn't believe what ideas came through.
Ryan Busbice: I think this season is a really good representation of our family life and business life. I think we did a really good job of showing everyone what we really do with testing and developing products. [You'll also see how] having a family business...there are a lot of curveballs and mess ups.

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    FOX411: Speaking of spring break, you say in a clip of an upcoming episode that "Luke Bryan saved [your] butt" over spring break. What happened?
    Matt: Well, that's kind of deep because basically, I wanted to go on spring break and he was playing his last spring break concert. Because we're hunting buddies, I wanted to go say hello and I was traveling there on the company dollar so it really helped to get a picture with him and our new crossbow we're coming out with. I had to have that excuse to know why I'm having fun…I got the selfie I needed so I could expense my trip.

    FOX411: Matt, last season we saw you go on a date. Did the camera crews on spring break help or are you still single?
    Matt: Yes, very single and clean shaven. I did go on more dates this season.
    Ryan: Matthew is convinced we have to watch his dating life.

    FOX411: Would you consider doing a "redneck bachelor" dating show?
    Matt: I don't know, I've been watching "The Bachelor" a lot lately and I don't know if I'm cut out for that. I don't mind showing a little casual dates, but it's you know, no makeouts on camera.

    FOX411: What has changed for your family since season one aired?
    Ryan: I feel like season one was successful, but we're not as recognizable as Willie Robertson (of "Duck Dynasty"). We don't have the beards and the hair and all that good stuff but we still get recognized but I would say it's all positive.
    Matt: Speaking of hair, I'm now bald. We were filming season two and in the middle of it, I don't know how to tell this, I lost all my hair. Fifty percent of my hair in two months, it was gone. I got this crazy thing called alopecia. It attacked the hair on my head in the middle of filming season two and that's what kind of threw me off this season.
    Ryan: It was crazy though because it happened so fast. It got to the point where he didn't look healthy.

    FOX411: Your guys' show is family-friendly. Do you think that's part of the reason why it's so successful?
    Matt: For me, our show is family-friendly and I think people gravitate to positive family vibes. Everyone relates to family but you've got to have a little bit of real life happens so in the midst you're filming your reality show if something happens that's negative or family related you've got to be honest and show what's happening it's not right to not show if your hair falls out over the show, it's not honest. We signed up to do a reality show. A lot of people make fun of reality shows saying they're not reality. In this case, our show is really reality.
    Ryan: I just find that the family part of the show, I agree with Matt, people see so much negative stuff on TV, but I always find that people find our family and a lot of families relateable and people enjoy seeing guys that have high maintenance brothers and dads and everyone has an uncle that you don't want to acknowledge. People can relate and have similar experiences.

    "Country Buck$" returns to A&E June 24.